Who we
work with

Change is not something that can be achieved by one organisation alone: we work in partnership with a range of organisations large and small.

We’re very lucky to work with some great organisations and inspiring people

Some organisations commission us to do bespoke work for them; others we have a contract with; whilst others we work with because we believe in what they are trying to achieve and know that we can make a difference together.

What are we working on this month?

We’ve nearly finished a co-production process with East Kent Hospitals to help them design a new patient experience model which will enable them to capture feedback from patients and their families, but also be able to act on that feedback to drive positive change. People from across the Trust have been involved and we’re almost ready to start turning the concept into reality!

Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust

We designed and created a new and sustainable model to enable Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust to hear feedback from patients and use it to generate positive change. Delivered during the Covid pandemic, the model needed to adapt to enable the Trust to engage with their patients virtually.

“Working with EK360 has helped us to understand how we can best hear from our patients and the communities that we serve. We embarked on a 6 month project which saw EK360 uncover every stone and work with us to develop our new patient experience function and embed it across the Trust at all levels.”
Gemma Craig,
Deputy Chief Nurse

Kent County Council

We hold the contract for the award winning Healthwatch Kent and have done since 2012. Listening and engaging with people and communities from every corner of Kent, we’ve been able to make sure their views and experiences are heard by decision makers and influence services as a result. The Kent wheelchair service is just one example of a service that has improved as a result of our involvement. Learn more 

Public Health Kent

We’ve just delivered the second of our innovative films showcasing how Covid has impacted peoples lives and how their experience has changed over the past 18 months. The raw and emotional insights are being used to inform the Council how best to support peoples’ mental health and isolation.  

Medway Council

In Medway, we deliver the contract for Healthwatch Medway. That means we act as a voice for every Medway resident who uses NHS and social care services. By listening to the feedback from Medway residents we’ve enabled Personal Assistants to get free PPE. Learn more 

Kent & Medway Mental Health Trust

Commissioned to undertake an independent review of the Trust’s service user groups, we listened to 74 people including patients, professionals and carers about how the current structure works. Reflecting on what we heard and the gaps we identified, we designed a new model to enable the Trust to hear from all voices to improve services.

"By working with EK360 we were able to involve a wide variety of stakeholders and we now have a new way of working that is firmly rooted in what both staff, patients and carers want and need.”
Vincent Badu

Kent Fire & Rescue

Not everything we do involves money. The team at Kent Fire & Rescue needed help to reach new audiences and hear from some of our harder to reach communities. We’ve been able to help them to reach new people and start new conversations.

Kent Coast Volunteering

Our skills are often best used bringing together the right people and facilitating the solution. In Folkestone, we identified an issue and working with the local community, co-designed a solution. We gave some seed funding to Kent Coast Volunteering to work with the Nepalese community to enhance their digital skills and reduce exclusion. Started in 2019 before the pandemic, we are already seeing young people being trained to offer digital skills to Nepalese elders and reduce some of the inequalities that have become so much more apparent during the Covid pandemic.

Bright Shadow

We work with a whole range of voluntary organisations and support groups. Often we’re able to help connect them to the right people or support them to reach the next level. Sometimes it’s simple things like sharing a list of all Care Homes in Kent which saved Bright Shadow hours of research to create themselves. Other times, it’s enabling their voice (and the voice of their clients) to be heard by the right people at the right time.

Rural Affairs Kent

We spotted an opportunity to help rural communities back in 2017. Rural Affairs Kent wanted to create the Coffee Caravan to help reduce social isolation in rural communities. The big barrier was funding. They couldn’t secure funding for the caravan, so we stepped in. Since then every pound we invested has generated £8.09 return for the rural communities of Kent.