What do
we do?

We engage. We reflect. We improve peoples' lives

We are experts in helping to design a solution to your business challenges. We can reach the people you may find it hard to find. We can use the feedback they give us to help design solutions that work.

We apply clear thinking, creative problem solving and well-structured advice to help you tackle your issues, mitigate risks and capitalise on opportunities.

We are independent in our outlook and our ownership, dedicated to big consultancy thinking, coupled with bespoke, innovative service.

We engage.

As engagement experts, we are often commissioned to help organisations to hear from particular communities. We’re currently working with Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells Hospitals to hear from people who have used their Cardiology service to  help inform them about how to improve it.

We deliver the contracts for Healthwatch Kent & Healthwatch Medway.  Through our award winning work on Healthwatch we hear from people all over Kent & Medway about their experiences of any health or social care service.  Together they hear from thousands of people a year.

We combine the feedback we hear through Healthwatch with the feedback we hear from the Kent User Forums.  We fund the Kent Physical Disability Forum and the Kent & Medway Foodbank Forum.  We also hold the contract for the Mental Health User Voice Network and the Older Peoples’ Forums.  Combined these Forums reach people from across Kent & Medway, gathering feedback from them about a range of issues.

We reflect.

When we combine the feedback we hear, and analyse the themes and trends, this becomes a powerful, collective voice. It is our job to ensure the right people hear that voice at the right place, at the right time.

We are skilled at presenting our findings to cut through the day to day noise and ensure people can digest the information and be in a position to act on it.

“Thank you. Your findings are really clear and have helped us to focus on the real issues.”

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Everything we do benefits our communities.

We are a Community Interest Company. That means that any profits we make are reinvested to improve the lives of other people. So by working with us, you will be helping yourself and others.

We improve peoples' lives

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All of our work is ultimately trying to improve the lives of people.